From Dry Spell to Rabbits

I remember when I first moved in with my boyfriend 3 years ago, fully anticipating our apartment would become this wild sex-hub filled with 24/7 fucking and racing home during lunch breaks for quickies. humping bear

Because that’s what every couple does once they shack up right?


So wrong!

In reality, when you live with someone and have a 9-to-5 and real-life pressures and stresses, it can get surprisingly easy to forget that once, not only could you two not keep your hands off one another, but that you literally couldn’t do things like watch an entire movie without the urge to rip each other’s pants off.

I’m ashamed to admit we went from having sex maybe 3 times a week, to letting so much time go by (a month and a half was the record) without a single attempt being made or a boner poking my back.

For a while, I questioned the relationship entirely and whether or not this was normal.

But I heard a quote once that really resonated with me,


SO. I was going to water the fucking grass!

And that wasn’t the only thing that was going to get wet damnit!

Finally, – maybe a month ago – I decided I was done being a nun with a roommate.

I missed the fire.

I missed the passion.

I missed the way I used to grab his crotch while we kissed in the kitchen.

The way we used to jump in the shower with one another and get dirty all over again.

I needed to get dicked down by the person the knows me best and more importantly I needed to put a real and DAILY effort into the relationship if I wanted it to work.

(No matter how tired I was or how much Relationship Weight Gain I put on – because that is 1,000% a real thing!!)

I am proud to say that after forcing myself out of that weird funk, we have been experiencing a whole new phase of our relationship.

I like to call it, The Rabbit Phase!

black and white intimacy

At first, I had to force myself to find the urge and energy to make the first move, but it didn’t take long for us to feel like teenagers again with racing hormones once we were reminded of how amazing intimacy (and orgasms) feel.

I’m not under any false illusions that this daily-sex-wave will last forever or that we will forever walk around our apartment naked and inside one another, but for the last month, I have been so fucking happy.

This reinvigorated sex chapter has given new breath to my relationship and confidence!

I feel fucking sexy and unstoppable and tonight, when my boyfriend comes home from work, I’ll great him at the door – on my knees – and show him just how happy I am that we have found each other again after being lost.

Has anyone else dug themselves out of a celibacy ditch? Or, are you currently in one and see no end or naked body in sight?

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